Our Story

Wils Fabrik is a label run by young creatives who want to express their philosophy - to live a sustainable and thoughtful life, by creating fashionable and functional accessories. 

We insist on using the highest quality natural materials that are made to last.  From FSC verified sandalwood to genuine marble stones, we hope to share the beauty of nature with our designs.







CONSCIOUSNESS is not only about charity

WILS FABRIK knows that the market is full of brands using charity or donation as a marketing strategy and we’re tired of seeing it. After 3 years of social responsibility donation, Wils Fabrik is committed to make one step forward. As a conscious fashion brand, Wils Fabrik actively promotes and practices this concept throughout every phase.


To customers

We're committed to innovate sustainable fashion products, therefore, we believe that our duty is to spread the concept of conscious fashion to our customers. A team formed by 5 international youngsters located in Germany and South Korea has constructed direct channels between our loyal customers and us.



To partners

Our manufacturers and materials suppliers share the same vision and values with us, we believe in creating high quality fashion products that only use environmental friendly materials. We use wood only from FSC certified forests and the slate stones are made in Germany.


To our home

We have taken the responsibility to achieve a goal on our shoulders: proper facilitation and daily education to unfortunate children, mainly in Africa, where the wood of our products comes from, because we believe education is the only way to change someone's life. In the past 2 years, we have donated more than 9000 books and teaching materials, as well as helped building school walls in several countries.

From 2017 April onward, we have become partners with World Bicycle Relief with the main goal of empowering students in Africa by sponsoring a co-share bicycle project - #TIMEGIVER. Every product we sell will contribute to a new bicycle, which means students can save 2.5 hours per day going to school.



The Story Behind Wils Fabrik 

Our founders - Wil & Kay, love products that are made by natural materials. Instead of planting excess trees in the forest, Wils Fabrik contributes in another way. They believe that education is the only way to change one’s life. Every watch sold puts books and learning materials into the hands of children who need them. They hope that by learning, the children will someday have the chance to follow their dreams as well. Some years ago, Wils Fabrik held the first book donation to Africa, where our woods come from. The donation campaign was called #BuildALife. Until 2016 Dec, we had donated over 9000 books, and stationery products to Africa, Cambodia and Korea. In 2015 June, the WF team helped building school walls in Cambodia.



There are already many watches made with metals, plastics, leather straps, or NATO straps. They can be uncomfortable, especially metal watches on a cold day, or leather straps while we sweat. A WF wood watch doesn't have these problems at all. Each Wils Fabrik watch is unique and made of 100% natural wood. We feel that wood is a material full of life; it is a fresh and rugged material that brings an airy, simple, and modern appeal. A WF wood watch is the only one we can wear in all seasons, for all occasions.



In April 2017, we partnered with World Bicycle Relief to solve a more critical issue - To save children's time. Transportation time to school takes 4 hours per DAY for students who live in rural areas in Africa. Because they WALK to school everyday, tiredness greatly reduces the efficiency of learning and their learning tendencies too. Wils Fabrik is an official partner of Word Bicycle Relief, and launched a co-sharing bicycle program. Every watch and sunglasses sold contribute to a new bicycle for the students. Them and their parents can co-share the bikes. With the help of a bike, approx 2.5 hours can be saved per day.

Because Wils Fabrik cares about them, we have launched our TIME GIVER scheme — ONE watch sold helps SAVE 2.5 HOURS PER DAY

Every Wils Fabrik's timepiece owner is a #TimeGiver.