Our Materials


Verawood (Green Sandalwood)

From South Africa, original colour of verawood is pale yellowish brown. It darkens under sunlight and turns to forrest green. Verawood has a distinct, perfume-like fragrance that lingers even after it has been machined. It is reported to be very durable for outdoor use and is said to last almost indefinitely in direct ground contact; Verawood is also resistant to insect attack.

Model: Adventurous


Sugar Maple/ Hard Maple 

Unlike most other hardwoods, the sapwood of Hard Maple is used rather than its heartwood. Its color ranges from nearly white, to an off-white cream color, it may turn to golden hue with shiny surface. Maple has no characteristic odour. It has definite wood grains.

Models: Vegan , Le Vegan , Karmuel , Caramel


Leadwood (Black Sandalwood)

Sapwood of Leadwood is pale yellow color while the heartwood are mainly dark brown. The part we use is mainly fom heartwood but sometimes with a small part of sapwood. Leadwood is reported to be very durable, and its insect resistancy is said to be excellent. It takes much work to handle Leadwood as it has a high density and it’s difficult to cut.

Models: Chrono WX , Dark Marine , Pragmatic , Zeon Black , Zeony Black 



African Padauk (Red Sandalwood)

It is reddish orange when freshly cut, and turns reddish brown over time. Padauk has a slight peasant odour. It turns darker over time. It has great strength, high stability and excellent decay resistance. It is highly durable.

Models: Extrovert , Extrovery , Jade M , Jade W


African Walnut

African Walnut remains stable under humidity and teamperature changes. It carries a slight cedar odour. There’re tiny pores on the surface for the wood to breathe. Colour ranges from golden yellow to reddish brown and darkens upon time.

Model: Cozy , Cozet , Mocha , Coco , Zeon Blue , Zeony Blue, Dark Mocha , Dark Coco


Slate (Rocks)

Slate is made from rocks by metamorphism and foliation. It’s made by strong compression. Slate is usually in the form of grey colour. It is the fine grained foliated metamorphic rocks. The surface is raw and it’s not flattened.

Models : Slate Soul Sunglasses