2017 is the time to “SAY IT LOUD”

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It’s so boring to just wearing something on?

2017 is time to add meaning on what you are going to wear.

Let our Fashion to do the TALKING. As seen in the runways and fashionistas, all people are wearing the slogan t-shirts to reflect what they want to say. Under the year of Slogan Fashion, let’s discover more items that you must have to “SAY IT LOUD”. 

Now you can also "MAKE YOUR OWN STATEMENT" on your Wils Fabrik's timepieces!!

We found you more "slogan fashion" (Deal to the copyright, please google the texts and you'll see the photos!) :

1. "We Should All Be FEMINISTS" slogan T-Shirt by Dior

2. "Mark America New York" Cap by Public School

3. "A MORE" Bag by Dolce & Gabbana

4. Lettering Choker by Dior

5. Slogan Swimming Suit by ASOS 

6. Slogan Clutches by Coco Chanel

7. Slogan Socks by Ask Your Girls

8. "Last Dance" Slogan Shoes by Joshua Sanders

We've made our own lovely slogan timepieces already, what's yours?  

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