The Story Behind Wils Fabrik 

The founder - Wilson, loves products that are made by natural materials. As born in Hong Kong, he had an opportunity to get in touch with Asian wood scuptures and to appreciate their beauty.  With a strong passion in Fashion and watch industries, he has started to make fashionable watch in 2014. He believes that sustinable fashion is the way all fashion brands should go, so he uses wood from FSC verified forests, (responsible harvesting). On the other hand, Wilson realizes that he is so lucky to live for his dreams, yet he knew that not everyone is fortunate enough to do so. Being inspired by Toms Shoes, he decided to share his success with those less fortunate.  Instead of planting excess trees in the forest, he contributes in another way. He believes that education is the only way to change one’s life. Every watch sold puts books and learning materials into the hands of children who need them. He hope that In learning, the children will someday have the chance to follow their dreams, as well. Wils Fabrik had our first book donation to Africa, where our woods come from. The donation campaign called #BuildALife .Till 2016 Dec, we have donated over 9000 books, stationeries to Africa, Cambodia and Korea. In 2015 June, WF team helped building school walls in Cambodia.



There are already many watches made with metals, plastics, leather straps, or NATO straps. They can be uncomfortable, especially a metal watch on a cold day, or a leather one while we sweat. A WF wood watch doesn't have these problems at all.Each Wils Fabrik watch is unique and made of 100% natural wood. We feel that wood is a material full of life; it is a fresh and rugged material that brings an airy, simple, and modern appeal. A WF wood watch is the only one we can wear in all seasons, for all occasions.


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Education is the only way to change a life

Wils Fabrik cares about them, so we have launched our BUILD A LIFE scheme
— you purchase one watch, they receive three books, more lives are improved.




Children in underdeveloped countries, such as Africa and Cambodia for example, cannot afford to buy books. A poor education and living environment are obstacles to improving their circumstances.

Wils Fabrik cares about them,so we have launched our BUILD A LIFE scheme — you purchase one watch, they receive three books, more lives are improved.




Do more than give

In January 2016, our team members visited Cambodia for cultural sharing with local children.


Do more than give

In June 2015, our team members build bamboo windows for a classroom in Siem Reap, Cambodia


Unpacking books in Cambodia

June 27th, 2015 over thousand books have been donated to a library in Cambodia.




Book donation in Korea

We made two book donations to a Korean library that's set up for poor children. Total 1547 books were given to the library.


Books donation to library in Uganda

February 23, 2015, Our first book donation to a library in Uganda